what do armadillos eat

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The light will blind them from seeing you but it won’t stop them from hearing you so walk softly. There is absolutely no bait to trap armadillos, This animal only eats food that it digs out of the ground. You always start with small less desirable game and work your way up to better tasting animals in your survival priorities. One species in particular - the nine-banded armadillo - has made its way into the southern United States, and is the focus of this page. Ninety-five percent of the population isn’t even susceptible to the disease, according to the Health Resources and Services Administration. Humans are capable of eating numerous things, but exhibit patterns dependent on a diverse range of things such as culture and nutritional considerations. While Armadillo doesn’t seem to be the most appetizing of survival foods, it is in fact very tasty and extremely high in calories. Like any other animal, armadillos have a special diet that consists of various organisms throughout nature. Your chances of getting leprosy are really, really low. These same armadillos do not chew smaller prey, but chew prey that is larger in size. They have very poor eyesight, and utilize their keen sense of smell to hunt. What do Armadillos eat – Knowing them better at their nutrition level. This is not an animal you can afford to eat medium rare because just like pigs they have parasites and diseases we must be mindful of. Armadillos live in temperate and warm habitats, including rain forests, grasslands, and semi-deserts. Armadillos, all species in fact, simply adore eating, and spend most of their time eating or searching for food. While some of the animals do carry the disease it is a very small percentage of the population and most people aren’t susceptible to the bacteria. These animals have such poor eye sight that you can usually sneak up on them with relative ease if the wind is in your favor. They primarily root up bugs and eat underground tubers so you will want to look in areas that have an abundance of good soil. 2020 National Geographic Partners, LLC. Don’t forget to clean up and sanitize your hands the best you can after you’re done cleaning the animal. Contrary to popular belief, not all armadillos are able to encase themselves in their shells. They vary widely in size and color, from the 6-inch-long, salmon-colored pink fairy armadillo to the 5-foot-long, dark-brown giant armadillo. These creatures can eat a wide range of foods, but prefer to consume certain organisms most of the time. The best time to get them are always during night or during low light. Armadillos are the only living mammals that wear such shells. So this is a good first start for meat procurement when in survival mode. What a meal that would be! WATCH: These Cute Armadillos Almost Always Give … Sound is of the utmost importance when stalking them so you must not make a sound when approaching them. Constant digging of holes in people’s yards inconveniences many people and they come to consider Armadillos as a nuisance. Armadillos are western mammals known for their unique armor-like shell and notorious for their digging habits. Dangers of Eating Armadillo So if you catch a 10-15 lb Armadillo then you can be assured to get a minimum of 5,000 calories from it. A bacterial disease, also known as Hansen’s disease, which causes lesions, growths and dryness on human skin. The range of these animals is wide spread all over the south of United States, ranging all the way down to South America. If you love eating bacon then you shouldn’t sherk away from some slab of Armored Pork! There are numerous species of Armadillo ranging in all sizes from super small to extremely large. What is the best way to catch them? You must remember that you should not clean animals with open cuts and if you do then you need to wear gloves. So if there's an upside to invasive pests like these it might be this: At least they eat each other. How to Clean & Butcher Armadillo Just like you would go gigging frogs or spotlighting a deer, you can use a flashlight to distract your game while you walk up to them and dispatch them with a big stick or other weapon. Armadillos are solitary animals that do not share their burrows with other adults. Make sure you cook it well done and that all the meat is cooked evenly over the whole carcass. Once the flames have burnt the hair off then you need to scrape off some coals to one side to create a cooking fire. Yes they simply love ants as their food and are quite famous for snaking them. It is much easier to catch them or hunt them actively during the best times though. Do people really eat armadillos? Combine that with the fact that they are very stupid and easy to catch makes them the perfect food choice for the primitive survivalist. - Ah, this is a big question. Nutrition Facts Breakdown It is really essential is survival that you don’t allow fat to drip into your fire being wasted. Armadillo meat is a traditional ingredient in Oaxaca, Mexico. Nine-banded armadillos are known to grunt while searching for their food.

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