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Süleyman shows Kara Toygar that he has the upper hand -- but not for long.

Vasilius gives Saadettin Köpek evidence to prove Ural's innocence and pin the blame on the Knights Templar. Gündüz's whereabouts remain unknown, Ertuğrul plans to interrogate Niko, and Saadettin Köpek pins the blame for the sultan's poisoning on Ekaterina. Aliyar finds suspicious traces on Toktamış's body. Saadettin Köpek draws up a new scheme against the Kayı clan, and Sungur Tekin is the key to its success. The prisoner exchange goes awry. As the Kayı clan reckons with a tragic loss, Ertuğrul scrambles to find Dündar, while Vasilius sets a trap. Please note that while I will attempt to keep spoilers to a minimum, there will naturally be some spoilers in this post. Gündoğdu reveals his game to Noyan, but not without bloodshed. Batuhan and Amanda plot against Halime and Aslıhan. All five seasons are available for viewing on Netflix. Kurdoğlu tries to turn Süleyman and Gündoğdu against Ertuğrul, who negotiates with El Aziz at knifepoint. The women were very nuanced and determined without being masochistic as in western shows portrayal of “strong women”. Selcan warns Gündoğdu about the alliance, as Aytolun plants ideas in Tuğtekin's head. If you like Ertugrul, you might also like Payitaht: Abdulhamid which is about the Ottoman Sultan Abdul-Hamīd II.

Claudius causes a rift between Thomas and Üstadı Azam. As Ertuğrul investigates the attack on Turgut's caravan, Aliyar faces a dilemma and Ural schemes to cover his tracks. He wants to rally the Mongols to be under his watch instead of Noyan, who has been particularly abusive toward him.

Ertuğrul and his men race against the clock to reach Hanlı Market before Dündar signs the momentous deal. And the romantic aspect is mitigated by the fact that Ertugrul and Halime are husband and wife now. His right-hand man Vasilius plays this trope straight after ascending to the position. Hopefully I’ll be able to write a review of Season 2 when I watch it, In Sha Allah. A visitor gives Turgut hope. I watched that as well and absolutely loved it. Numan and Yigit: Halime’s dad and little brother respectively. Halime finds a hidden message in Yiğit's letter. I don’t know exactly but in my knowledge; Ottomans started to manage or write their own history after almost 1 hundred years of it’s rule so can we believe it that it’s the based on true events or near to true or it’s just fiction?

Aytolun learns something new about Gökçe that complicates her plan. Those scenes are integral viewing, disregarding it means you’re not understanding or appreciating the role women play in society as mothers, sisters, wives etc. At times it felt like the show writers were making those poor women butt heads with each other unnecessarily. It’s certainly given me a spiritual boost. One example is when El-Aziz was saved out in the woods; the whole buildup and execution of that scenario was rather contrived and often cringey. Only until the last few episodes of season 3 does Ertugrul finally defeat Ural and his followers. Artuk takes Ertuğrul to an important gathering. Noyan's old rival makes a comeback. Plus, the behavior they depict would have been scandalous among 13th century Muslims, to say the least. Ertuğrul makes a controversial decision that pits him against Turgut. Noyan uses this in a couple of season 2 episodes, as well as a different one, A protagonist example happens in season 3. To infiltrate the Knights Templar's base, Ertuğrul deliberately leaks information. When she reluctantly complies, Karatoygar. As Ertuğrul tries to anticipate Ural's next move, Artuk sends Dündar on a mission and promises him answers. For Yiğit and Dündar, Noyan is dangerously close. That’s why he and his family are always on the run, to avoid being jailed for life. As the Kayı tribe struggles with its sudden loss, Hayme calls a meeting to form a strategy against new threats. Cardinal Thomas and the Ministers who visit the castle near the end of the arc, He’s also the only character of this type who shows up onscreen, toward the end of season 4, in season 4, where he momentarily dons the moniker of “The Traveler”, is later revealed to be Sultan Alaeddin Kayqubad, she ceases to commit any truly malicious acts after Kurdoglu conquers the Kayi clan from the inside, giving her a considerable change of heart, he embargoes the goods arriving at his city through the Hanli Market, he lifts the embargo and commends them on saving his daughter’s life, Claudius, who had initially been sent to murder Ibn Arabi, Helena, who becomes Hafsa after her conversion to Islam, she’s not malevolent at all, and also abhors living with the Byzantines. This can. Ertuğrul punishes Dündar for his rash decisions, the Kayı clan prepares to exact revenge, and Aslıhan curbs Bahadır's quest for power. These scenes were a minority and didn’t affect the rest of the show too much, but they were definitely noticeable. It’s a classic case of the characters driving the plot vs the plot driving the characters. In Season 1, the bad guys are the Knights Templar. Selcan’s plots, Gokce’s feelings, Halime trying to fit in, Aykiz getting screwed over, etc… I just forwarded through most of this stuff, along with the romance scenes. Ertugrul love for halime aswell as his tribal values increase his sense of being just and true. If you do not show jealousy, greed. Aslıhan turns against Ertuğrul. Season 3 has Toktamis, who is fed a poison created by Master Simon, causing him to start an uncontrollable rampage in the marquee before his brother Candar executes him, believing him to be a traitor. Alpargu, one of the de-facto minions of Kurdoglu during his feat of conquest, also counts as this. I’m not aware of any English language histories of the very early Ottoman period. I enjoy watching Dirilis.

Marcus falls for the Kayı tribe's ruse.

He’s the appeasing type, who tries to avoid conflict. I deducted 0.5 stars for each of the above points. He directed over 150 episodes of the Drama. When the two clans face off over Abdurrahman's sentence, Gündoğdu makes Korkut Bey an offer and saves the day.

When he does, Dragos reveals that not only did he want to ally himself with Alincak for once, but that he plans on murdering the kid directly in front of him, Tekfur Vasilius during the last two-thirds of season 3, Albasti, who fills in the void after Bahaddin is dispatched, After Karatoygar is knocked out of power, the Seljuks are replaced by the Arabs, led by Emir Al Aziz, Ural and his alps attempt to systematically execute Halime and the other hatuns, only to be interrupted by Ertugrul, who proceeds to lead his men onto the scene and finish the traitors off once and for all, until he dies in the final moments of season 1, leaving his wife Hayme to take the position until sometime in season 2, when Ertugrul legally becomes the new head of the Kayis, Following his death in season 2, Turgut Alp fills this role, eliminate Sadettin Kopek as he begins to spread his influence in Karacahisar, Titus cuts all ties with him and murders Al Aziz’s uncle, leaving him a sobbing wreck.
Yiğit has a trick up his sleeve that plays to Turgut's favor.

I saw the first couple episodes of Season 2, and it looks even better than Season 1. On the way to Aleppo, a dangerous enemy crosses paths with Ertuğrul.

The way she’s able to outsmart Ertugrul and others on multiple occasions is impressive. Subverted when he later reforms and converts to Islam, while giving up his position of power in the process, Tekfur Kritos, who holds a similar sentiment toward the Muslims as Vasilius and is inspired to attack them even more after his son’s death.
murders Umur Bey as part of an attempt to frame Gunduz not because he holds a personal grudge against Gunduz, Even after the Kayis finally expose him, he resorts to wandering the city as an upper-class merchant as part of an attempt to slaughter the whole population of Sogut so no one would remember how they might have risen to power, he personally stops by to release Noyan from his execution, knowing full well the extent of the casualties that would result from his freedom, arranges legal deals with Ural, Simon, Vasilius, and Ares, poisons the Sultan, and prompts Alaeddin to frame Emir Nizamettin and try cutting ties between him and Ertugrul as a result of the latter suspecting Sadettin of being the guilty party, he injects another poison into a roast pheasant, this time proving fatal, and succeeds in convincing Giyaseddin (The to-be sultan) to incarcerate Ertugrul since he was the only other person present at the sultan’s final meal, He does manage to take over the clan near the end of the season, but since his elder sibling isn’t dead yet, he only gets to remain the Bey for a short time. Noyan plots to weaken the Kayı and Dodurga clans by dividing them. Yiğit helps to lead Ertuğrul and his army on the road to victory. I hope the episodes are made available with English subtitles soon. The new bad guys are the Mongols, and they actually hired Mongolian-looking actors to play them, which is awesome. Ural plants a distraction at the camp so that he can stage an overthrow. Titus in season 1 is revealed to be like this after. Dündar's decision stirs the clan, Ertuğrul attempts an escape with the other captives, and Ares suspects Marya is Simko's spy. I mean c’mon, hijab was a common practice even amongst Christian women in the West during that period – Muslim women would have been far more devoted to their religion, yet their attire (particularly the headdress) I feel is a few centuries advanced of their time. Hayme warns Gündoğdu about Gümüştekin's potential ambitions.

Determined to learn Aytolun's secret, Ertuğrul sends Doğan on a risky mission, and Banu Çiçek's survival is key to his plan. Tensions rise between Ural and Ertuğrul, who decides to set out for Karacahisar Castle after receiving news of a trade embargo on Hanlı Market. Sungur Tekin's mission comes at a cost. After Ertuğrul takes over Hanlı Market, Ural sets out to find Simon before Turgut does.

Hayme gives Halime and Gökçe a dilemma. Gümüştekin and Saadettin Köpek find a common target. Cardinal Thomas and Titus carry out their plan with Turgut, whose decisions spell disaster for Ertuğrul. Üstadı Azam loses his grip on Aleppo. Struggling to keep order among his subjects, Kurdoğlu hands down Süleyman's sentence and sets a dangerous trap for him and Hayme.

Abdurrahman talks himself out of a tragic end. As the day of reckoning looms for Teo, Acar and Günyeli, Ural rallies his allies to stage a rebellion against Aliyar and Ertuğrul. Afsin Bey: an enigmatic operative of the Seljuk State. I wish someone would make an edit of the show called Ertugrul: The Good Parts where they just removed all the romance and drama.

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