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(345ml) ABV 4.4% / 112 calories / 5.2g carbs. The internet provides a wide array of opinions (surprise!) Despite its fruity aroma, its taste is very mild and refreshing. (330ml) ABV 4.5% / 118 calories / 6.7gs carbs. (375ml) ABV 4.9% / 146 calories / 12gs carbs.

Stone & Wood. Ph: (02) 6685 5173 Customer service and order enquires Community sponsorship and marketing enquiries This full-strength beer is popular for its strong bitter taste and has become an Aussie favourite over the years. Get your mag delivered!-Save 29% off the cover price! Calories in a couple of tinnies quite quickly overtake those in a McDonald’s Big Mac (244 calories), while three beers' worth easily equates to those in your average serving of hot chips (350-400 calories) or a nasty, processed Four'n Twenty meat pie (400-odd calories, depending on the ingredients). This sparkling version of the classic Coopers has more alcohol, yeast, and carbonation, just as it was first brewed in 1862. (330ml) ABV 4.7% / 137calories / 14.2 carbs.

20. As cliche as it sounds, alcohol is truly best enjoyed responsibly! You won't believe how some of these drinks are created. Recipes & Inspiration. When it comes to counting calories in your favourite bottle of signature suds, things get a little, well, cloudy.  The Original Pacific Ale Let’s top up with a list of the best beers in Australia to find out which ones are the healthiest choices! Famous worldwide for its distinct, simple profile, this Netherlands brew is one of the world’s top premium beers. (330ml) ABV 4.5% / 141 calories/ 8g carbs.

It has citrus-biscuit flavour with added carbs. You can still have your fair share of drinks, but try to avoid consuming the liquid-equivalent of half a dozen doughnuts. Other Popular Results; Pacific Ale. This organic ale is perfect for any season with its dry and foamy mouthfeel. The fact that estimates say it takes 40 minutes of brisk walking to burn roughly 150 calories should speak louder than any beer ad can. Whether you’re chilling by the beach, socialising at a pub, enjoying a BBQ, or just relaxing at home, there’s no denying that a nice cold one just makes you feel better. One serving of beer is equal to about two standard drinks, so try to limit yourself to just one beer in the first hour. This best-seller is a strong lager that always tastes like it’s fresh from the brewery! Not only does a single gram of alcohol contain seven calories, but heady beverages like beer are nutrient-poor and packed with unnecessary carbs, and many popular brands are riddled with sugar.

It’s more than just a refreshing drink – it’s an essential part of the laid-back Aussie culture. Sorry, but you need to enable JavaScript to run this app. (375ml) ABV 5.8% / 207 calories / 11.9g carbs.

Stone & Wood. You can check out previous episodes of the show at SBS On Demand, like this one which takes us to New York for bagel-flavoured beer and a man who brews beer with a log he found in the park: SBS acknowledges the traditional owners of country throughout Australia. (330ml) ABV 4.6% / 93 calories / 1g carb. The hops used for this pale ale originate from America. Best served in a tall glass, this aromatic extra dry brew is light-bodied and 99.9% sugar-free!

After contacting a handful of Australia’s most popular local brewers, it became pretty clear they aren’t totally sure themselves (although Batch Brewing Company kindly and rather hilariously offered for us to pick up a few samples to run over “to the lab”). The ‘Golden Ale’ is a medium lager with 80% fewer carbs and no artificial preservatives. Your best bet is self-control! We absolutely love Galaxy hops! Beer isn’t exactly healthy, but that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying pints of it! (375ml) ABV 4.5% / 155 calories / 7.9 carbs. On average, a single beer can contain as many calories as a standard-sized Mars Bar (136 calories) and almost as many as a plain Krispy Kreme donut (190 calories). This is what we’ve long called ‘Byron Bay in a bottle’.  4.4% ABV, Passionfruit citrus tropical fruit aromas. Inspired by their Bryon brewery near the Pacific ocean, this breezy ale has passionfruit and citrus notes.

So just because you’re drinking beer that’s ‘advertised’ as being low in calories or carbs doesn’t really mean that you’re being healthy! Cloudy and foamy, this ale is an old-timers fave, organically stored in a keg for the best taste. Buy Stone & Wood Garden Ale online from the official Stone & Wood store — To contact us, please use the details below: Liquorland. Sure, weight gain from alcohol differs depending on one’s metabolism, but on the whole, a couple of beers can be just as fattening as an entire meal. We use finest Australian pale malt, including rolled wheat and malted wheat, creating a high protein content resulting in a hazy appearance and full yet refreshing finish. Minutes of Cycling. Before pouring yourself another one, remember that the average calories in a beer range from 100 to 200 per bottle. As SBS VICELAND is currently screening Beerland, we thought it fitting to give you the skinny on the caloric content of some of your favourite starchy bevvies. Pacific Ale goes beautifully with fresh seafood – prawns, lobster, oysters and fresh fish. This award-winning beer is milder and more carbonated. Known as the perfect tap beer, it’s a favourite for its balanced sweetness and bitterness with a lightly roasted finish. (330ml) ABV 5.1% / 142 calories/ 11g carbs. (375ml) ABV 4.6%/ 138 calories / 10gs carbs. The ‘Golden Ale’ is a medium lager with 80% fewer carbs and no artificial preservatives. If you have at least five drinks, that comes out to almost 1000 calories. In fact, the latest ABS data reveals our nation consumes a startling 1.7 billion litres per year. Whether you’re a casual or avid beer enthusiast, the beverage is so thoroughly planted in our social landscape that it’s easy to underestimate the effect it has on the waistline. Does healthy beer even exist? This authentic Irish beer has become popular in pubs for its apple and citrus flavours. Grown in Victoria and Tassie by Hop Products Australia, this proprietary variety was once an experimental hop until Brad (our Co-founder) came along and was keen to play around with it. Minutes of Cleaning. Cans and bottles available, Free Shipping over $100*. Beer enthusiast John Michael Verive constructed this handy chart that might give you a sense of how much craft beer is too much: Explore beer culture through the new series Beerland on Tuesdays at 8:55pm on SBS VICELAND.

The closest resource we have to estimating the calories in a boutique bottle comes out of the LA blog Beer Of Tomorrow. Stone And Wood Pacific Ale (330ml) ABV 4.4% / 132 calories / 14g carbs. If you have at least five drinks, that comes out to almost 1000 calories. on alcohol's impact on weight gain, but a few hard facts strongly suggest that impact is significant. Proudly Australian, this lager is smooth and delicate, making it very easy to drink.  Free East Coast Shipping over $45* There’s no denying us Aussies are living in a beer culture – perhaps even more so since the recent designer brew boom. Inspired by our home on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, we brew our golden hazy Pacific Ale with all Australian barley, wheat and Galaxy hops from Tasmania, which give the beer its big tropical fruit aromas and flavours and refreshment. Garden Ale is brewed as a mid-strength session ale, with subtle notes of toasted malt and fruit and a soft bitterness.

13. This lager is light and clean. 48. Your best bet is self-control!

This golden beer is best served with ice and a slice of lime! Believe it or not, alcohol is one of the biggest factors to consider in beer calories. Brewed in Italy, this pale lager has a subtle citrus taste to complement its bitterness. Buy Stone & Wood Pacific Ale online from the official Stone & Wood store — We dry hop with Galaxy at the late stages of fermentation creating this beer’s unique tropical fruit aroma. (330ml) ABV 4.5% / 159 calories / 14.8g carbs. Before pouring yourself another one, remember that the average calories in a beer range from 100 to 200 per bottle. Inspired by their Bryon brewery near the Pacific ocean, this breezy ale has passionfruit and citrus notes.

(355ml) ABV 5.0% / 118 calories/ 6.7g carbs.

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