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When this sentence was carried out, however, he did not die. St. Sebastian was a Roman Martyr and is the Patron Saint of soldiers, athletes, and those who desire a saintly death. Ignatius and Polycarp were elderly and Paul was probably in his 60s when they gave their lives for the Faith — perhaps not the most athletic period of their lives. Some Christian denominations, such as Catholicism, recognize certain saints as able to intercede before God in prayer on behalf of those suffering from a particular ailment or to pray on behalf of a certain kind of believer. When we grow up, we typically idolize athletes of all kinds. Like many early saints whose accounts arose before the founding of the Roman Catholic Church, St. Sebastian may have been a legendary figure. Aft er sunset a Christian woman named Irene crept into the Praetorians’ camp to retrieve the body and give it a Christian burial. Rio was founded by the Portuguese in 1565 and named for St. Sebastian, the patron saint of their monarch, Dom Sebastiao. According to the tradition of his life, Sebastian ministered to twin brothers Marcus and Marcellian. We are Franciscan Media. In his second letter to St. Timothy, St. Paul, knowing that his martyrdom was not far off, compared himself to a boxer and a runner: “I have fought a good fight,” he said. As Irene and her serving woman cut Sebastian down, they heard him groan. His life was first relayed to the rest of the Church by St. Ambrose, then a bishop in Milan, in the 4th century. With the addition of other key patronages throughout history, these qualities, as well as others, have made him the patron saint of athletes everywhere, who look to St. Sebastian for focus and discipline as they train their bodies and minds for excellence. St. Sebastian joined the Roman army to provide serice to other Christians who were being persecuted by the Romans. Nonetheless, Christians recovered it and buried Sebastian in a catacomb known ever since as San Sebastiano. She discovered that he was still alive, and nursed him back to health. #2 When was he born, and what was his life like? He is also the patron saint of Rio de Janeiro. Although there is no doubt that there was a Roman martyr named Sebastian, and that devotion to him dates back to the fourth century, the earliest surviving life of the saint was written a century or more after his death. In the Middle Ages, St. Sebastian saw a great surge in his popularity due to the belief that he could protect against the plague. He is usually depicted standing in front of a …

This may be due to his extreme endurance under great physical stress and torture. You’ll usually find him depicted in paintings tied to a tree and shot up with arrows.

[email protected]. Mack, Sebastian is often seen as the patron saint of homosexuals because he is the patron saint of the down-trodden and persecuted. Once he was certain that Sebastian truly was dead, Diocletian had the martyr’s body dumped into the Cloaca Maxima, Rome’s main sewer. St. Sebastian is the patron saint of archers and of the Pontifical Swiss Guards. Sebastian was likely born in the south of France, then traveled to Milan for his studies. Irene was later beatified and venerated as St. Irene of Rome. They were deacons in the Christian church and refused to offer sacrifices to the Roman gods, and they were arrested and set to be put to death. Instead of carrying him to the catacombs for burial, Irene brought Sebastian back to her house where she and her servant nursed him. But for centuries artists have portrayed St. Sebastian as a handsome young man with the physique of a personal trainer. Cincinnati, OH 45202 However, his example can inspire Christians of all walks for his dedication and devotion to the Lord even under the fear of persecution and death. According to this story Sebastian was a Praetorian, a member of an elite troop of soldiers who served as the emperor’s bodyguard. #9 How does someone become a saint? The final level of investigation determines whether or not miracles were performed. Saint Sebastian is a very popular patron saint as he is the patron saint of Athletes and Soldiers. Bible Commentary Bible Verses Devotionals Faith Prayers Coloring Pages Pros and Cons, Free Jesus on the Cross Coloring Pages (Printable PDFs), Free Jesus Resurrection Coloring Pages for Kids, Romans 1:26 Meaning of God Gave Them over to Shameful Lusts, Faith Worketh by Love Meaning and Meditation, 30 Transcendent Bible Scriptures on Reverence, Revelation 19:16 Meaning of Verse and Simple Commentary, 30 Encouraging Bible Scriptures on Pressing Forward, Luke 12:34 Meaning of Where Your Treasure Is, 25 Important Bible Scriptures on Organization, Luke 1:45 Meaning of Blessed Is She Who Believed, 30 Encouraging Bible Scriptures on Never Giving Up. Pray for Us, St. Sebastian! He eventually became a captain of the Praetorian Guard, an elite bodyguard unit for the Emperor. Some pieces of art portray St. Irene visiting him in the form of an angel coming to attend to him. St. Quirinus of Neuss (Germany), a patron saint for fighting smallpox. He found the emperor on the steps of the imperial palace. When his faith was ultimately discovered by Emperor Diocletian, he was ordered to be shot with arrows. St. Sebastian (died c.300) Feast day: January 20 It was St. Paul, in his second letter to St. Timothy, who first likened faithful Christians, particularly martyrs, to athletes. He returned to the emperor’s palace and publicly spoke out against him. #8 How is St. Sebastian depicted in art and culture? When Emperor Diocletian began his persecution of the Church, Sebastian used his status to visit Christians in prison. As soon as his strength returned, Sebastian went off to confront Diocletian. With his miraculous recovery, he has also been branded as a portrait of physical endurance and grace under fire, traits that are absolutely necessary for successful athletes. 99 10% coupon applied at checkout Save 10% with coupon (some sizes/colors)

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