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Actually if somewhere you felt we have we are sorry. You need to check if bhakoot dosha gets cancelled. Blessings, Navneet Khanna Astrologer

Place : Jodhpur Upon further seeing it is seen that Bhakoot dosha gets cancelled. Girl's details you read and agreed to the, Got 17.5 score in horoscope matching.

5:41 am There is a 5-9 bhakoot dosha, marriage should be considered only if bhakoot dosha gets cancelled. Guna matching score is 17.5/36. Bhakoot score 0/7, overall gunn match 27/36,is marriage possible? But happily married over 8 yrs. Sir please answer on the above questions. 08/10/1985 12:00 noon. be a good couple. HOW TO GET IT CANCELLED

16:05/04:05 P.M.

I am mild manglik dosh girl..can i marry a non manglik boy? In the birth chart of Puneet Mars is placed in the second house from the lagna while in the Moon chart Mars is placed in seventh house from the Moon. Puneet you are in the main period of Rahu and sub period of Moon, the period till May 2016 will not find excitement and also stability. And your fast response. Gun milan is 17/36 with 0 in bhakoot and nadi coloum. Hello, However your overall career is good and you will see good opportunities after May 2017. Please guide us on the below question sir: click on the link below and read it completely . Kindly let me know if we can get married. and girl date of birth 31_03_1996 Please let me know if our Bhakoot gets cancelled? I Am An chandra Manglik Girl,Can I Marry A Non Manglik Boy? So please do take out sometime from your busy schedule, to answer us. Gun Milan- Score 28/36...But Antya Nadi Dosh..Please Help. The gun milan is 26/36.

But bahkoot dosha secure 0/7 So please tell us how we can make sure to get it. to bother you again and again, but we have faith in your guidance that is why we want to have your precious opinion on the matter, regarding our career options and how we should move forward in life. Boys details Looking at your horoscope matching the score is 25.5 out of 36, which is higher than 18 that is required for marriage. I Am High Manglik Dosha Boy And Want To Marry Low Manglik Dosh Girl. How can we help each other? I am sorry sir. Jan 2006 – Present 13 years 11 months. BOY 14 MAY 1981 4:45 AM CHANDIGARH. Remedies that can be performed by a manglik who wishes to marry a non-manglik. Dear sir, KINDLY SEE FOR BHUKUT DOSH AND IF ITS THERE HOW TO GET CANCELLED. 0 in bhrakut. I am high manglik dosha boy and want to marry low manglik dosha girl. Hi. Sir we are anxiously waiting for your kind reply. There is a 5-9 bhakoot dosha, marriage should be considered only if bhakoot dosha gets cancelled.

23/08/1982 you read and agreed to the. Heading: Pt Puneet Sharma Ji, City: Faridabad, Results: Pt Puneet Sharma Ji Main Market, Involvements: Black Magic Experts Business Problem Solutions Tantriks near me with phone number, reviews and address. Texas Tech University. please inform is it matching.? I Am low Manglik Dosha Boy And Want To Marry Non Manglik Girl. sir over all point is 26/36 16 Nov 1985 Marriage can be considered. I am high manglik dosha boy and want to marry non manglik girl. I'm having 0 in Varna and bhakoot dosh Puneet: jammu Navneet Khanna. If you liked the prediction , kindly vote by clicking green button and leave your. Can we marry after 8yrs??? KINDLY SEE FOR BHUKUT DOSH AND IF ITS THERE HOW TO GET CANCELLED. As I have stated above the matching is above average and can be considered. You will be drawn in various directions and unable to do the best for you. Mumbai. Pls Help ... High manglik girl wants to marry non manglik boy- other dosh present. Vipasha: Thank you for your kind blessing. My details, 4 years ago. I have completed my Bachelors in Engineering in Electronics & Communication. She is pursuing Bachelors in Engineering in Electrical. Tob : 7.55 pm

Will dosha get cancelled?

Krs astrology 2020. http://www.myastrologysigns.com/remedies-that-can-be-performed-by-a-manglik-who-wishes-to-marry-a-non-manglik-1619.html, Regards, Girl: 19feb1988, 18:55, Akola maharashtra The ashtkoot guna milan is 26 out of 36, which is much above 18 that is considered minimum for marriage. WE ARE MARRIED NOW Time of birth: 2:20pm I am high manglik dosha girl and want to marry non manglik boy. Guna miilan is 26/36 but bhakoot is 0/7, can marriage performed ? Place : Mumbai Same rashi and same nadi got 28/36 but got O Score in nadi. Birth time 2am Hence it is seen that both horoscope do have mangal dosha.

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