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They act as the first point of contact.” Two sections are confusing and/or contradicting.

e.g. Question:   Supplement 1- Section 1.3 Managed Service Objectives <<1AC0159AC353AF4F85A3619EE1ADE542>]/Prev 630502/XRefStm 1984>>

If the State believes that these terms are applicable, to what services would they apply? Current Operating Environment Overview. 0000011203 00000 n

Question:   Data Management : Is the State using any Visual Data Discovery tools for IOP? At a minimum, the Contractor shall provide vulnerability scan results to the State monthly. 0000006217 00000 n Attachment Four, Part Four, Indemnity for Property Damage, Bodily Injury and Data Breach, and Limitation of Liability:

Answer:   In event of a termination or suspension, will the State pay for Services already performed (e.g.

How many data store instances are in scope by data store type (Example 10 RDS, 24 DB2, 5 MySQL, etc.) 0 IOP does not currently have Visual Data Discovery tools in use. Can the State provide the list of API and Interfaces with internal and external parties? Section 4.14 System and Performance Testing. Section 2. Section 123.152 of the Revised Code creates a business assistance program known as the Encouraging Diversity, Growth, and Equity program, commonly referred to as the “EDGE” program, and authorizes the Director to adopt rules in accordance with Chapter 119 of the Revised Code to administer the program. If they are applicable, what is the State’s view on the order of precedence between the conflicts in the terms for Cloud Services and the terms listed elsewhere in Attachments Two and Four? However, all environments have identical security controls; data masking, as a continuous service improvement project, would reduce risk. Attachment Four, Part Three, Ownership of Deliverables: Answer:   Are there any existing / reusable testing scripts and test plans? Section 123.151 of the Revised Code creates a business assistance program known as the Minority Business Enterprise program, commonly referred to as the “MBE” program, and authorizes the Director to adopt rules in accordance with Chapter 119 of the Revised Code to administer the program. only warranties are those expressly set forth and that there are no implied warranties)? 0000003200 00000 n Question:   121.83, which requires state agencies, including the Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS), to draft rules in collaboration with stakeholders, assess and justify any adverse impact on the business community (as defined by R.C.

0000109955 00000 n The State will provide guidance and oversight. 0000007752 00000 n The State expects an increase of 10% or greater. -Application scheduled jobs (such as updating search collections) Will the IOP M&O stakeholder agencies participate in the proposal evaluation? Additionally, can you please provide the environment specification from a previous project (e.g. Answer:   Please see Operations_PMO_OCM_Support powerpoint for different roles that maybe in place. If so, are any of them precluded from responding to the RFP or assisting other firms in the development of a proposal response? If no search criteria is selected, a complete list of EDGE certified vendors for the State of Ohio will display. Question:   Supplement 1 - Section 4.12 Capacity Planning and Monitoring Please see spreadsheet posted on the Procurement Website. 0000268643 00000 n For your certification process, how are risk by accounts and identities validated on a regular basis? Also, the value for “operating system” is self-reported by each base image (ami), and thus may or may not indicate what you may think it would. Supplement 1: Please confirm the following assumptions: 1. Question:   Answer:   1. • NIST 800-53 Moderate Supplement 1 - Section 5.9 Managed Service: Service Level Commitments, pg 69. 0000285826 00000 n 0000013312 00000 n Thank you for your patience and support during these uncertain times. Question:   Answer:   Answer:   This is similar to a force majeure event and the meaning can be inferred. The RFP included anticipated changes that would be completed by the inception of the new contract. Answer:   0000006834 00000 n The Contractor will issue credits to the State for amounts incorrectly included in any invoice or payment made under this Contract and in relation to the Project which are determined not to constitute allowable costs, on the basis of audits conducted in accordance with the terms of this Contract. a. Answer:   Question:   These are done through e-mails directly send to the IOP Platform support e-mail account. The State is unable to provide additional background or skill set information on other staff members. The Magazine Basic Theme by bavotasan.com. What is the projected increase in demand of business and citizen users, applications and the data volumes over the duration of the contract? 0000244572 00000 n 1.1.4. The inquiry process is not intended to be used to attempt to negotiate terms and conditions. The State does use ENTERPRISE Tableau and PowerBI, if needed. The agencies use DEV, QA, STAGE, AUTHORING and PROD, depending on if it is an ID or a UX project.

Please see the Database Size document posted to the Procurement Website. The Contractor will be responsible for support and maintenance of the IOP Infrastructure both Identity and HCL, but not responsible for the build or hyper-care provided by the UX pre-qualified vendor. Highlights of the proposed rules include: Responding to the needs of participating businesses: Enhancing program oversight and avoiding pass-through and front companies: You can review these documents at the following links: the proposed rules, the related proposed rescissions, the rules summary sheet, and the Business Impact Analysis; each of these can also be found on the Equal Opportunity Division’s webpage at  www.das.ohio.gov/eod. If yes, please provide the tool and version. Use the cards below to learn more about each program. Question:   (July 1st, 2020).

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To our clients and community:

The Law Office of Erika Luna is committed to maintaining our employees’ safety and well-being and helping our clients do the same.


While we are closely monitoring the impact of the Coronavirus on our community, we want you to know that our telephone lines are open, and our staff is available to discuss your current case or to consult you on a potential one. 

We are currently offering a contactless bankruptcy process so people can file from the comfort of their homes. The entire process can be completed online and over phone/zoom calls. Clients can sign all paperwork electronically and attend the 341a hearing by phone. 

To arrange any in-person meetings, please call us for an appointment per the firm’s availability. We are taking substantial precautions to meet and exceed the CDC’s and state government’s guidelines for maximum protection. Please also note that your case, whether current or new, can be entirely managed remotely.

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during these challenging times. Thank you.

The Law Office of Erika Luna

A nuestros clientes y comunidad:

Nuestra firma está comprometida a mantener la seguridad y el bienestar de nuestros empleados y a ayudar a nuestros clientes a hacer lo mismo.

Mientras estamos monitoreando de cerca el impacto que el Coronavirus está teniendo en nuestra comunidad, queremos que sepa que las líneas telefónicas de nuestra oficina están abiertas y que nuestro personal está disponible para hablar sobre su caso o consultar sobre un caso posible.

Actualmente estamos ofreciendo un proceso de bancarrota sin contacto para que las personas puedan declararse desde la comodidad de sus hogares. Todo el proceso se puede completar en línea y por teléfono / llamadas con zoom. Los clientes pueden firmar todos los documentos electrónicamente y asistir a la audiencia 341a por teléfono.

Llámenos para solicitar una cita según la disponibilidad de la empresa. Estamos tomando precauciones importantes con nuestra oficina para cumplir y superar las recomendaciones de la CDC y del gobierno estatal para la máxima protección. Tenga en cuenta también que su caso, ya sea actual o nuevo, se puede manejar por completo de forma remota.

Esperamos que usted y sus seres queridos estén seguros y saludables durante estos tiempos difíciles. Gracias.

La oficina legal de Erika Luna