what to do if you encounter a shark while scuba diving

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And if you’re not sure at all, assume the shark is telling you to back off. 5. We still drive cars and boats, and we will scuba dive with sharks at every chance we get! Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Scuba-Fix :: DIY BCD Repair Kit For Broken Valves, Trident Stainless Steel Scuba Finger Reel with Stainless Clip :: 3 Sizes, Feeling no Pain – The Drunk Baker who Miraculously Survived the Titanic, The Mermaid Myth and why Columbus was Convinced he had Encountered Them. Try to claw at the eyes and gill openings, two very sensitive areas.

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With most of these behaviors, you’d easily and quickly notice that the shark is behaving strangely, which is kind of the point: “Get away from me now” signals are not meant to be subtle and difficult to understand. Prey swims away rapidly…. If a shark begins to get too interested in you by coming closer and closer, the best strategy is to leave the water – swim quickly but smoothly, watching the shark all the time, with your dive partner close at hand. Sport Diver may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. Use whatever inanimate equipment (speargun, pole-spear, camera) you have with you to fend off the shark (when diving in known shark-inhabited waters, it is always good to carry a pole or spear for this purpose). VIDEO: Whale Freed from 4,000 Pounds of Fishing Gear in New York, Plastic Food Packaging Ranked as Most Common Beach Litter for the First Time. Pound the shark in any way possible. I should note that this isn’t a checklist. SS Cotopaxi Vanished in the Bermuda Triangle, Has Been Found 95 Years Later. What Do You Do if You Encounter A Shark While Scuba Diving? Despite the hype and horror stories, there are, on average around ten deaths caused by sharks per year, worldwide. If a shark is acting overtly aggressive – making rushes at you, hunching its back, lowering its pectoral (paired side) fins, swimming in a rapid zigzag course, or swimming with rapid up and down movements (sometimes rubbing its belly on the bottom) – look to back up against whatever structure (reef, rock outcropping, piling) is available, thereby reducing the angles with which the shark can approach you. Something to remember - if you can see the shark, you can control the situation. Divers that grab at or harass a shark are often bitten as a defensive action not aggressive. They sometimes come in to see what divers are doing and then leave. If you want to spearfish, keep your catch on a float 15-20 feet towed behind you. While the author offers his opinion on actions that may make encounters with sharks less dangerous, neither he nor Taylor & Francis accept any responsibility whatsoever for the safety of those who choose to interact with sharks, regardless of whether or not they follow the author's safety suggestions. It’s actually a rare opportunity to see one. Most sharks don’t want anything to do with divers. In general, if you are ever at all uncertain about whether a situation involving a wild animal is safe, you should leave as quickly as you can, taking care not to ascend too quickly and to protect yourself from a potentially dangerous wild animal on your way back to the boat. You mentioned all the possible ways to remain calm while a shark is crossing your path. And the majority of those are surfers or swimmers, not divers. In light of next week’s Shark Week programming on Discovery Channel, this situation may be something you want to know about. After the shark passes, swim away slowly, near the bottom with your dive buddy. As I said, these behaviors are not subtle. The shark should not be speared.

Answer: There are two important questions here, and I’ll address them both in detail, but with issues of diver safety I don’t want to bury the lede because I don’t want to risk having to bury the diver. The shark knows that prey does not swim toward it, so will turn away. SeaClear, a European collaboration, is designing autonomous robots to automate the collection of marine debris from the seafloor. They are natural predators and scavengers, not monsters of the deep. Most sharks will move away from SCUBA divers, we are too “noisy” with all the bubbles. Margaret Brooke, Naval Officer, War Hero. Maintain a respectful distance. You shouldn’t be terrified of sharks, but you should give them respect and a healthy distance. Enjoy your opportunity to see one of nature’s most magnificent predators.

Coco View Resort - The World's Most Returned-to SCUBA Resort! If you encounter a shark while diving there are tips that will help to make it a smooth encounter. Sometimes, just backing away slowly is enough to convince the shark that you got the message and are no longer a possible threat, which should result in the shark resuming its normal behavior or leaving the area. A tiger shark glides over the top of a scuba diver. Shark bites are extremely rare, and bites on scuba divers are rare even among shark bites overall. They live in the ocean and on the reef and are very curious, a clear sign of intelligence actually. Recreational Scuba Diving – What Are The Benefits? It is likely that the shark has been attracted to the sound and smells associated with your activity and it is aroused and interested in consuming your catch. Sharks recognize the difference. Human blood was put in the pool with sharks. Book any of our 2021 vacation packages and you could save over 50% with free room upgrades! 3. 2. International Shark Attack File Don't worry about bleeding either unless you recently received an infusion of fish or seal blood. If you do not have anything to poke with, use your hand, but remember that the mouth is close to the nose, so be accurate! Sharks are naturally curious, not the horrible monsters portrayed in television and the movies. Most sharks merely are curious and will leave on their own accord.

A multi-state team recently freed a whale entangled in more than 4,000 pounds of fishing gear as it swam through New York’s Ambrose Channel. If you see a shark while Scuba diving consider the following tips. Use whatever inanimate equipment (speargun, pole-spear, camera) you have with you to fend off the shark (when diving in known shark-inhabited waters, it is always good to carry a pole or spear for this purpose). If you have a camera or something, it might be helpful to keep that in between you and the shark, nudging the shark with it if the shark gets too close.

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