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One example is poverty. Probably the most famous knights in the English speaking world were King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table. But most of us know knighthood as an honor bestowed in the United Kingdom by the queen or members of the royal …

There are a number of chivalric Orders that exist today. As our Lord said, “The poor you will always have with you.”  For all of the programs administered by the government, and charities operated by the churches and other organizations, there will always be the poor.

Today, the idea of a modern knight is less about orders, titles and defending country and crown. It will take men and women with the dedication of true knights to make the changes that are needed.

Knighthood takes the concept of personal responsibility to the “next level.” Knowing that many of their fellow men and women will do nothing, those who aspire to knighthood believe that it is incumbent upon them to do that much more. First, there is the matter of commitment. We should not, however, let the existence of “programs” give us an excuse for inaction. This is an incomplete list of people who have been created honorary Knights or Dames by the British crown, as well as those who have been raised to the two comparable Orders of Chivalry (Order of Merit and Order of the Companions of Honour) and the Royal Victorian Chain, which do not carry pre-nominal styles.. Use of pre-nominal styles and post-nominal initials. The British monarchy still grants knighthoods, as does the Papacy with the Order of Christ.

We believe there will always be a place for knights as long as there is poverty, the needs of the elderly, the sick, the helpless, and the persecution of the church. What are the reasons for having knights in the 21st century? Those who become knights know that although there are government agencies and private charities to fight poverty, and military or police  to fight the enemies of our country and its citizens, these are not enough. The traditional role of the knight was to defend the defenseless, to be pious in worship and in dealings with others, and to maintain one’s personal honor above all costs. A true knight should never walk past someone who is truly in need without trying to help!

These are the kind of men and women that we are seeking to join the Knights Templar! These knights served their king and also went on sacred quests to find the Holy Grai.

Our Order believes that there is still a place for knights in the 21st century. The essential quality of knighthood was complete devotion to one’s sovereign, in the case of secular knights, or complete devotion to Jesus Christ and His church, in the case of knights belonging to one of the religious Orders. Today, fraternal organizations refer to their members as knights, while monarchs still award knighthood to individuals recognized for service to their country.

The Supreme Military Order of the Jerusalem Temple and this website are a ministry of and wholly owned by Templar Church,, Click Here To Enter Knights Templar Discussion Forum, Richard The LionHeart & The Knights Templar, Facebook Stonewalls Questions on Take Down of KTOA Templar Page | Templar Banner News. In all cases where a secular knighthood is granted, it is for exceptional service to the sovereign or to certain worthwhile causes, while knighthoods granted by religious Orders are in recognition of service to God and one’s fellow man.

Fellowship and aid to the less fortunate, the helpless are a Templar’s duty, his sworn duty. These duties are not stipulations; they are a code gladly taken by a Knight Templar. Our Order was founded in 1118 A.D. to protect Christians journeying to and from the Holy Land. Knights are not just a thing of the past, however. Never. Seemingly, there is little expectation that people want to commit themselves to anything, or to receive a commitment in return. When most people think about knights, they think of feudal knights serving a sovereign. I am going to answer this question primarily from the perspective of the UK, but would like to point out that honours schemes do exist in other countries although I know less about them. Rather, the concept of knighthood is about moral conduct. They know that unless good men and good women take personal responsibility for making the world a better place to live, none of the organizations and agencies in existence will be enough to keep the forces of darkness at bay.

We have stayed true to our original charter by defending the persecuted church in foreign lands. That distinguishing feature is the willingness to engage in “knightly combat,” the battle against evil. Honorary knights Several orders of knights from medieval times still exist today as service orders (like the Knights Hospitallers and Teutonic Knights). 'Serious risk' of personal data leaks to add to honours blunder Review concludes that a 'greater consistency of process, controls and culture' could have 'reduced the risk systemically' Just as importantly, they are looking for something that will reciprocate their loyalty and devotion.

The true knight has internalized the story about the “Good Samaritan,” and helps the poor or disadvantaged whenever he or she can. Today this honour is still awarded in recognition of services to the royal family.

Whether religious or secular, however, a knight was expected to be unrelenting in battle, fearless in the face of hopeless odds, and magnanimous in victory. Two religious Orders that still grant knighthoods are the Knights of Malta (Order of St. John) and this Order, The Supreme Military Order of the Jerusalem Temple. There are few things in the modern age that ask for personal loyalty, or that reciprocate loyalty in turn.

Knights of both types devoted themselves to skill of arms. The German writer Wolfram von Eschenbach, in his immortal medieval work Parzifal, equated the Grail Knights with the Knights Templar. Being knighted today holds a much different meaning than it did in the days of old. Nations with a monarch as their head of state would, once upon a time, issue knighthoods to their loyal subjects and foreign citizens who have done great deeds for their country. Our mission is just as compelling today, if not more so, than it was 886 years ago. It will take men and women with the courage of true knights to stand up and be counted, and to demand accountability from our respective governments on their relations with countries that persecute Christians.

It is possible for one to hold both awards. Today, Twiggy Lawson, the iconic sixties supermodel, received her damehood from Prince Charles for her services to fashion, the arts, and charity.

His code of honor demands the core of knighthood in it’s unquestionable obligation to help the poor, the sick, the persecuted, the old, the needy, the helpless, the hungry, the cold, the unprotected. Copyright Templar Church all Rights Reserved, 2014.

There are a number of chivalric Orders that exist today.

The man or woman who would become a knight, however, feels unfulfilled in such a world.

These men and women are looking for something to give themselves to wholeheartedly, something in which to invest all of their heart, mind, and soul.

Still, I will start with a few words. A knight however, is distinguished from those who merely dispense aid to the poor and disadvantaged. Such individuals believe that “living a holy life,” and not material success, is the most important thing to which we can aspire.

It will take men and woman like those of the Supreme Military Order of the Jerusalem Temple. As opposed to the past, most modern institutions do not ask much in the way of commitment. This is not a question: “Do I have time?”  Or, “I will get to that soon.”  This is not subject to negotiation or scheduling.

Both the Grail Knights of Arthur’s realm and the Knights Templar were dedicated to achieving purity of heart: the spiritual attribute that would allow one to have a vision of the Grail—or to see God, as the Beatitudes stated. Two religious Orders that still grant knighthoods are the Knights of Malta (Order of St. John) and this Order, The Supreme Military Order of the Jerusalem Temple. The Royal Victorian Medal, which has three grades: gold, silver and bronze is a circular medal which is attached to the ribbon of the Order. In the past, people were asked to give more of themselves to the church and to the community; in many cases today, all that we are asked to give is money. The British monarchy still grants knighthoods, as does the Papacy with the Order of Christ. Such knightly values might seem out of place in the 21st century, with so much emphasis on “me,” money, and materialism—but a few individuals still believe life is truly not worth living unless it serves a higher purpose. If one attempts to join our Order merely as a fraternity “club”, or for a title, that or anything else could never make he or she a “Knight Templar.”  Being a Knight Templar is not a remnant of the past, it is a way of life. Later, the Order was responsible for protecting Christians in the Holy Land itself. It is not necessary to always give money—a knight’s most precious gift may be his or her time, which may be spent teaching the illiterate how to read, or driving elderly persons to a doctor’s appointment. That is a knight’s creed.

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