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The usual hunting method of the tiger is to bring its victim down whilst latched onto the throat and thereby suffocate it. It is unique in being the first coordinated approach to enhance the effectiveness of conservation of dugongs and their seagrass ecosystems through community-based stewardship, incentive-based conservation, removal of knowledge barriers and national and regional mainstreaming activities. (+49 228) 815 2449, Mug shots and public pics join the dots of whale sharks’ Southeast Asian trips, Customs agents seize 10 tonnes of shark fins in Manzanillo, Satellite tracking reveals Philippine waters are important for endangered whale sharks, GEF Dugong and Seagrass Conservation Project, Public Awareness Program and Development of Education Toolkit for Green Sea Turtle Conservation in Sarawak, Malaysia, Marine Macrophytes and Plastics Consumed by Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) in Hong Kong, South China Sea Region. The whale sharks are protected here and strict guidelines already in place, meaning you’ll need a trained guide or spotter with you on every boat ride and only snorkelling is allowed. The Komodo will take prey as large as water buffalo, but they don’t use their size and power to do this. This remote area boasts spectacular scenery with dramatic karst cliffs, isolated pinnacles and islands as well as beautiful deserted beaches. The common cobra (Naja naja) has a highly potent neurotoxin which can cause death by tissue damage. Healthy, brightly coloured corals and a whole range of marine life from manta rays, to sharks to turtles and macro life, Komodo has such an incredible underwater world. From here they strike with lightning speed clamping their jaws shut and dragging the victim into the water to drown. Thank you for supporting my South East Asia travel blog! Working off-campus? Explore one of the last scuba diving frontiers on earth, surrounded by nothing but fish and the idyllic, unexplored islands of the Mergui Archipelago.... One of the world’s youngest nations, Timor Leste remains untouched by mass tourism that has swept much of Southeast Asia. Having been scuba diving in various countries around Asia, I am often asked where is the best place to scuba dive in South East Asia.

Please check your email for instructions on resetting your password. Standing at around 6ft (2m) tall when upright, Sloth bears can weigh in at up to 420lbs (200kg) for a big male. Located around 10 hours from Puerto Princesa in Palawan, Tubbataha is out of reach from any day-trippers, providing a buffer from the impacts of tourism and allowing marine life to flourish. Report On Illegal Take and Trade of Marine Turtles in the Indian Ocean Region. The World's Deadliest and most dangerous... January 3, 2014 by Chris Simons 9 Comments. Also known as ‘yak killer’ hornets these super-sized wasps can measure over 2 inches (5 cm) in length and have a 1/4 inch (6mm) long sting. Sadly for the rhinos it is them who are in danger from humans. Having no natural predators is probably what has allowed them to evolve into the giants they are. Prey can range in size from wild pigs right up to 1 ton buffalo. The Indian rhinoceros is no exception and is ranked as the 5th largest land animal on earth, just behind the various elephant species. Whilst these numbers are much reduced in modern times there are still cases of man-eaters out there. Your email address will not be published.

Lam, V., & Sadovy de Mitcheson, Y. In this study, the spatio-temporal patterns of mtDNA polymorphisms were assessed in Indo-Pacific hawksbill turtles from Malaysian nesting rookeries and foraging aggregations sampled during 1996–2014. (+49 228) 815 2449, Mug shots and public pics join the dots of whale sharks’ Southeast Asian trips, Customs agents seize 10 tonnes of shark fins in Manzanillo, Satellite tracking reveals Philippine waters are important for endangered whale sharks, GEF Dugong and Seagrass Conservation Project, Public Awareness Program and Development of Education Toolkit for Green Sea Turtle Conservation in Sarawak, Malaysia, Marine Macrophytes and Plastics Consumed by Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) in Hong Kong, South China Sea Region. Ezili, goddess of sweet water, beauty, and love. The Sloth bear of Mysore allegedly went on a murderous rampage killing at least 12 people and maiming dozens more. The best diving spots in Southeast Asia. Instead I’m going to concentrate on the meanest, scariest and most notorious of Asian animals. The Pacific is a vast blue wilderness punctuated by isolated arcs of green - chains of islands that rise from the oceanic depths as towering pinnacles of rock, coral and lush forests. Whale sharks can be found almost every day of the year in the plankton-rich waters of the Maamigili Marine Protected Area, which surrounds the reef at the southern tip of the atoll. Whale sharks also migrate through the waters of Southern Leyte from November through May, with certain locations such as Sogod Bay being exceptional for sightings.

The island nation of Indonesia straddles the equator between the Indian and Pacific Oceans and lies at the heart of the ‘Coral Triangle’ - the epicentre of the world’s marine biodiversity. Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues.

Their diet basically consists of anything on the island. As a result they are now an endangered species with their numbers down to a few thousand individuals in northern India. Here, we document for the first time the history and general condition of the shark fisheries of Southern China, specifically Hong Kong, and Guangdong, Fujian and Hainan Provinces.

The other toxin (mandaratoxin) can be lethal in high enough doses, and that’s not just if you’re allergic to wasp stings. By late December his tracker showed the 12-foot, 4-inch long shark had traveled 1,473 miles down the US East Coast to Key Biscayne, near Miami, OCEARCH said at the time. Stretching from the deserts of the Middle East to the steamy jungles of South East Asia and reaching northwards to the Arctic Circle, there’s dangerous animals for all tastes. Larger congregations of these sharks can be found during the coral spawning periods around the north-east monsoon which runs from December to March. (+49 228) 815 2401, Fax. Best Diving in South East Asia – Best place to dive with Manta Rays in Nusa Lembongan. We’re excited to organise your next underwater adventure. The full text of this article hosted at is unavailable due to technical difficulties. They are resident to several islands of the Indonesian archipelago where they are a protected species. Having poor eyesight makes these animals more likely to charge first and ask questions later. Big, heavy, powerful armor-plated and capable of inflicting big time damage. Most notorious of all these is Russell’s viper which is responsible for more snakebite fatalities than any other snake. Scuba diving in Tulamben, Bali – World War 2 Wreck Dive – The Liberty Bell. When dealing with the developing world it’s nearly impossible to get anything approaching reliable statistics on animal attacks on deaths. The Sundarban mangroves between Bangladesh and Bengal are home to around 600 tigers. South-East Asia Customs agents seize 10 tonnes of shark fins in Manzanillo Customs agents in Manzanillo, Colima, have confiscated a large haul of illegal shark fins bound for the Philippines. (+49 228) 815 2401, Fax. Although the natural whale shark season in Oslob is just a few months, sharks have been known to remain in the area for more than a year - because of the feeding! During the 1900s it is estimated that tigers killed a thousand people a year in India alone. They are all animals and are higher up in the hierarchy, so they eat all small animals. I have heard that research shows that not only does the Komodo dragon have bacteria in its bite but may actually be venomous. Some of these dive sites are not suitable for snorkelling and are more suited to advanced divers, but given the whale sharks like to visit other dive sites around the island, you never know what might swim by during your Open Water course - every season, a few lucky students get an encounter of a lifetime during a training dive! If you make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation of Migratory Sharks, A study blending old and new techniques has.

and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account. She is a female protector of the Fatick Region.Offerings are made in her name at the River Sine.

Despite being the largest fish in the sea, whale sharks remain shrouded in mystery and every year, the elusive and nomadic nature of these gentle giants compels tourists to visit far-flung destinations in search of a close encounter - the stuff of dreams for many scuba divers. However, according to the he “Guinness Book of Animal Facts and Feats” a male Bengal tiger weighing 388.7 kg (857 lb) was shot in 1967. The largest group of dangerous snakes in Asia are the pit vipers – so called because of the heat sensitive pits between their eyes and nose. Activities include talk related to green turtles conservation, hands on experience on turtle-human interaction (supervised), and documentation via videography. The Project was a collaboration between James Cook University and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

The lizard only needs to bite its prey once, after which it can retreat to a safe distance and wait. But if divers time their visit to coincide with the dark of the moon, when the fishing around the ‘bagans’ is at its best, they stand a very good chance of swimming with these huge sharks. With protected shallow reefs and warm water, Koh Tao offers the perfect conditions for learning to scuba dive, making it a great dive holiday destination for all experience levels. Next up, I’m exploring the Maldives so read more here about the best diving in the Maldives/EVER! It is no exaggeration to say sloth bears rip their victims faces off.

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