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Under the CLI Program, current law students are given the right to temporarily represent clients in matters so long as the students are under the supervision of an attorney licensed by the Florida Bar.

And perhaps one of these lawyers will become the Chief Judge of the Florida Supreme Court someday and change these and many other rules for the better! The Raising the Bar Professionalism Program exposes law students in all three years to professional development resources and to lawyer role models to prepare them for a life in law. On August 26th, a testing date was announced.

You may opt-out by. Last year, the Stetson University College of Law Professional Development Conference: Campus to Career Program won the award. The University of Miami graduate said she’s grateful to have a job and access to health insurance but is concerned about juggling her work with the rigorous study schedule of preparing for the bar exam — while also worrying about COVID-19. The delays in the exam have been “disheartening,” she said. Even if she passes the test, now slated for October, she still has to wait for the results before she can join the agency, likely in December at the earliest.

Hopefully there will be a national movement to make the bar examination more practical, so that the thousands of hours of preparation can involve memorizing laws and practices that can be more useful to the examinee and the tens of thousands of Floridians and others that examinees will represent and assist when they practice law for many decades to come. This program is quite similar to an existing program in Florida called the Certified Legal Intern (“CLI”) Program. The rules and application for this provisional admission contain the following requirements, which are rightfully designed to protect the public, but some of the requirements took many by surprise and do not seem necessary, in my unqualified opinion, and the opinion of many of the 1,150. The completion of these assessments (and most other processes involved in the Florida Bar admission process) have been slowed due to the spread of COVID-19 and the reduction in staff at the Florida Board of Bar Examiners. They may find or rekindle life long relationships, read about an area of the law that gives them a better direction or more well focused professional goals, they may get involved in politics, or be hired on a temporary basis by a wonderful mentor to help light the path to a great professional experience. “It doesn’t feel fair,” said Enage, of Winter Garden. It feels like the end is nowhere in sight.”. Nadia Pazos said she agreed to supervise Mears because she’s “worth waiting for,” but the attorney said she hasn’t heard of other firms participating in the supervised practice program.

I will not ask our new hires to seek this provisional bar admission, and therefore they will not be able to directly advise clients, go to court, or hold themselves out as attorneys practicing law. Hopefully the Florida Bar will issue guidelines on what these courts and tribunals are looking for with regards to the heavily-supervised provisional lawyers. I speak at many tax conferences, national programs and national and local webinars, including Bloomberg BNA Tax and Accounting, the Notre Dame Tax and Estate Planning Institute and at many other conferences and webinars.

“I feel like I get to babysit her,” she said. The program was created by Associate Dean Nancy Benavides and she accepted the award on behalf of the program. The program requires Pazos to assume “professional responsibility” for Mears’ work, sign all her pleadings and court filings, and attend court hearings with her, if a judge requires it.

One interesting thing to note is that there are recent graduates who were cleared to temporarily practice under the CLI Program that are no longer able to practice under CLI, because they are not students, and cannot qualify for this new program. All law schools offer ethics classes that go through much more detail than the relatively easy NCBE, but this is the luck of the draw for those who have already taken it.

“It really sucks not to work in the legal field, especially after I was already offered a position, have all these years in law school, had internships and experience,” she said.

Hazing was made illegal on undergraduate campuses, and barriers to entry are appropriate to some extent in all professions. The Raising the Bar Professionalism Program exposes law students in all three years to professional …

It’s really hard. I have hired one of the 1,150 and am interviewing others. The economic challenges are made worse by the loss of jobs that applicants had lined up with firms and entities that cannot wait longer to see if they will pass. The publication from August 24 gave the Florida Board of Bar Examiners until August 31 to create and make available the application form. “I was studying from the moment I wake up to the moment I got to bed,” she said. Florida State University College of Law’s Raising the Bar Professionalism Program has won one of this year’s three E. Smyth Gambrell Professionalism Awards from the ABA. For all but two U.S. jurisdictions (Wisconsin and Puerto Rico) passing the MPRE is required to be a member in good standing with the state’s bar association. My answer was to try to be patient because in 5 to 10 to 20 years this will seem like a much less terrible ordeal than it does now, and most of the applicants will be stronger for it. “... We’re going to find out Oct. 5 whether this software works when New York does its bar exam.”. The Gambrell awards are given by the ABA’s Standing Committee on Professionalism and “recognizes the nation’s exemplary, innovative, and on-going professionalism programs in law schools, bar associations, courts and other legal organizations that help ensure the maintenance of the highest principles of integrity and dedication to the legal profession and the public.” Other awards this year went to the Mississippi Access to Justice Commission and The Mississippi Bar for their access to justice initiative and the New York State Judicial Institute on Professionalism in the Law. “Most small firms just can’t afford to have another person on staff who isn’t barred,” she said. The program was created by Associate Dean Nancy Benavides and she accepted the award on behalf of the program.

When they moved it, it stretched everybody who was already stretched out financially and mentally. But the program excludes people who failed the exam before 2020 and signed up to retake it, as well as those who are already licensed to practice law outside of Florida. The program uses alumni and student advisory boards to help with the program, as well as partnerships with the Bar’s Henry Latimer Center for Professionalism, the Bar’s Young Lawyers Division, Tallahassee Women Lawyers, Legal Services of North Florida, local inns of court, Florida Lawyers Assistance, Inc., the AccessLex Institute, and various FSU resources.

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To our clients and community:

The Law Office of Erika Luna is committed to maintaining our employees’ safety and well-being and helping our clients do the same.


While we are closely monitoring the impact of the Coronavirus on our community, we want you to know that our telephone lines are open, and our staff is available to discuss your current case or to consult you on a potential one. 

We are currently offering a contactless bankruptcy process so people can file from the comfort of their homes. The entire process can be completed online and over phone/zoom calls. Clients can sign all paperwork electronically and attend the 341a hearing by phone. 

To arrange any in-person meetings, please call us for an appointment per the firm’s availability. We are taking substantial precautions to meet and exceed the CDC’s and state government’s guidelines for maximum protection. Please also note that your case, whether current or new, can be entirely managed remotely.

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during these challenging times. Thank you.

The Law Office of Erika Luna

A nuestros clientes y comunidad:

Nuestra firma está comprometida a mantener la seguridad y el bienestar de nuestros empleados y a ayudar a nuestros clientes a hacer lo mismo.

Mientras estamos monitoreando de cerca el impacto que el Coronavirus está teniendo en nuestra comunidad, queremos que sepa que las líneas telefónicas de nuestra oficina están abiertas y que nuestro personal está disponible para hablar sobre su caso o consultar sobre un caso posible.

Actualmente estamos ofreciendo un proceso de bancarrota sin contacto para que las personas puedan declararse desde la comodidad de sus hogares. Todo el proceso se puede completar en línea y por teléfono / llamadas con zoom. Los clientes pueden firmar todos los documentos electrónicamente y asistir a la audiencia 341a por teléfono.

Llámenos para solicitar una cita según la disponibilidad de la empresa. Estamos tomando precauciones importantes con nuestra oficina para cumplir y superar las recomendaciones de la CDC y del gobierno estatal para la máxima protección. Tenga en cuenta también que su caso, ya sea actual o nuevo, se puede manejar por completo de forma remota.

Esperamos que usted y sus seres queridos estén seguros y saludables durante estos tiempos difíciles. Gracias.

La oficina legal de Erika Luna