bunnies hopping over each other

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At the minimum, once a year is advisable.

Also, rabbits like to live by a firmly established pecking order. If your rabbit plays in the yard, they’ll need to be contained.

Submissive rabbits will often follow their leader, hopping wherever they go. MOUNTING: this is not a male-only behavior – females mount males as well.

This survival instinct can lead to aggression between rabbits as they may squabble over food, water, attention, and territory. You may assume this is just a random action, with no meaning whatsoever. Naturally, every rabbit wants to be in this position.
This can lead to fighting – but frequently, it can lead to lifelong friendships. Once two bunnies bond, they often become inseparable. Rabbits have scent glands…, A rabbit’s scream can be described as a long, loud, and sharp cry. If a male rabbit cannot mate, they’ll be a bundle of hormones on four legs. This means that they’ll become familiar with each other’s scents. It’s better than having two fighting rabbits. Placing both rabbits in an enclosure that previously house just one can reset the entire process. Plenty of bedding to dig through will also keep your rabbit amused, and satisfy their instincts. Hay should make up at least 90% of your pet’s diet anyway. Female rabbits usually end up taking control in a mixed-sex pairing, though. Are Rabbits Aggressive Towards Each Other? Not all rabbit biting is based upon aggression.

You may also find the rabbits sleeping back-to-back in their enclosures, despite being separated by wire. I’ve loved rabbits for as long as I can remember, so it felt natural to share my passion for lagomorphs with a much wider audience. These behaviors are linked to playing, or simple tiffs that are resolved by the rabbits themselves. However, they are hardwired to defend themselves and their territory. This, in turn, can lead to aggression between rabbits.

One rabbit will run around the other, who is sitting still and probably has ears back a bit, looking submissive. You should separate the rabbits. As a way to say “I’m kinda interested” they will jump over each other. It’s positive that a submissive rabbit now wants to take the dominant status. This is both entertaining and a great way to file down their perpetually growing teeth. Chasing each is different from following each other. If you hear a rabbit screaming,…, You will likely have seen your rabbit eating its poop.

This will enable you to understand if the problem is permanent. However, if your pet rabbit is behaving aggressively, it can turn nasty. Owners who have never heard the scream of a rabbit may find the noise alarming and disturbing. They can be considered safe, provided they do not escalate: The latter is the most oft-confused action, as it can be mistaken for chasing.

My objective is to help owners to keep their pet rabbits happy and healthy.

A rabbit’s reproductive hormones kick in at 4–6 months, and spark a complete personality change. If they feel that another rabbit is attempting to steal their territory, they’ll fiercely defend it. What’s even better is to hide your rabbit’s food in the hay. Left unattended, rabbits could chew through electrical cables and other hazards. One of the rabbits may be sick or in pain, and is thus acting uncharacteristically aggressively. Your rabbit will need a living space of at least 12 square feet. This is also referred to as 'chinning.' Two rabbits will often battle over dominant status. Many rabbit experts recommend mixed-sex pairings, however, if both parties are spayed and neutered.

Rabbits are naturally curious, and not the smartest animals. A vet will observe your rabbit’s weight and general health, ensuring that everything is in order.

If they fight again, keep them separate. Is your rabbit in pain? Even once that is done, however, the female will grow aggressive toward the male. All rabbits eat their feces as it is an important part of the digestive…, Rabbits display many kinds of jumping, spinning, and hopping behaviors. For the most part, this is an accurate portrayal. Chasing, sadly, is a very different affair and must be taken seriously. If rabbits are left to their own devices, they’ll usually be entirely content and docile the majority of the time.

Even so, it needs to be managed carefully. Despite being the third most popular pet in the United States, rabbit husbandry remains niche. Rabbits need to see a vet regularly, just like any pet. When it comes to rabbits, letting them bond before living together can make all the difference. When a rabbit senses a threat to its safety, this can quickly change. To bond two rabbits, allow them to live side by side in separate hutches. Should I Keep My Rabbit Alone to Prevent Fighting? Rabbits are territorial animals, so hierarchy is very important to them. My Bonded Rabbits are Chasing Each Other. We’ll now explore the different reasons why rabbits fight one another, and how to differentiate between belligerence and social bonding. They should always live in pairs, at least – provided you take the appropriate steps.

You will no doubt be aware of the saying, “mating like rabbits.” Female rabbits, in particular, have a biological urge to reproduce and raise young. Any warren in the wild will have a leader, and the same goes for multiple rabbits kept in captivity. Two unfixed rabbits of the same sex will often fight tooth and nail due to their hormonal frustration. Naturally, however, they need to be contained. A spayed female will often tolerate the mounting initially, then put the male in his place. However, also look out for negative behaviors. It is, in fact, a mating behavior. In addition to space, your rabbit’s home should have plenty of stimulation. Unfixed males will be aiming to mate. One or both rabbits may also be under stress, and are acting out. This way, they’ll at least receive the stimulation of human interaction and company.

Biting is not always an act of aggression. Remember, a sick or pained rabbit can become aggressive. Even a neutered male may nip and mount another rabbit – male or female. They will become extremely territorial and aggressive, rejecting any kind of company. A rabbit forced to live alone can become very stressed, lonely, and depressed. You should supervise the rabbits, give them a while, then return them to their respective homes. It can be tricky to find a vet that understands rabbits. From here, the rabbits can begin making friends. Also, rabbits are prey animals.

One of the most common is rubbing their chin on objects. These animals live in warrens with dozens of fellow bunnies keeping them company. Even bonded rabbits can fall out, and chasing is a sure-fire sign of this. Once bonding occurs, you should never separate the rabbits unless they fight – which is unlikely. Another common cause of aggression is establishing dominance. Like all pack animals, rabbits live by a strict hierarchy. Nipping is also linked to mating. It’s also worth taking out an insurance policy to cover health issues in rabbits. Rabbits have very long memories, and do not forgive easily. Nature abhors a vacuum, and at least one rabbit will always seek to take up a leadership position in a group. These once-bonded rabbits are unlikely ever to get along again. Their teeth and claws hurt, and two rabbits can fight to the point of injury and mutilation. Female rabbits suffer most from reproductive hormones.

If you recognize any of these actions, separate the rabbits and try again another day: Once two rabbits bond, they’ll be friends for life and happily share an enclosure. They’ll likely hump anything they can reach to relieve their frustration.

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