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With over a decade of experience in Bankruptcy Law, attorney Erika Luna is committed to facilitating a new, debt-free start for each of her clients.

Meet Founding Attorney,
Erika Luna

Attorney Erika Luna is a skilled and passionate legal advocate. She has dedicated much of her career to helping people in need. Ms. Luna has experience working in other law firms and the Public Defender’s Office. After handling hundreds of bankruptcy cases, eight years ago, she decided to open her own firm.

Attorney Erika Luna is dedicated to helping clients and their families take control of their financial situation. Whether you are facing medical debt, foreclosure, or revolving debt – Ms. Luna can help you understand your legal rights and the options for debt relief that is best for you.

To serve our clients best, we offer free consultations to every potential client, same-day emergency filing, electronic filing, and competitive rates.

We Will Guide You Through the Bankruptcy
Filing That is Right For You

Chapter 7

Chapter 13

Benefits of Working with
a Modern Attorney

  • Affordable Payment Plans Offered
  • Electronic and Emergency Filings Available
  • Telephone and Zoom Client Interviews Offered
  • Online Client Portal for Safe Document Transmission
  • Free Consultations 

When Is Filing Bankruptcy
Right For You?

Filing for Bankruptcy can put a stop to creditor/collection calls, lawsuits and wage garnishments. If you’re drowning in debt, these are things you should consider and discuss with an attorney in order to determine if a filing is right for you.

  • Do you have large amounts of unsecured debt?
    Unsecured debts are those that are not tied to the property, such as a house or car. Examples of unsecured debts are credit card debt and medical bills.
  • Do you qualify for exemptions?
    Bankruptcy exemptions are laws based on state law or the Bankruptcy Code that describe what property is out of the reach of debt collectors and bankruptcy trustees.
  • Are you being sued by collectors or creditors to collect your debts?
    If you have unpaid debts but still have an income or property that a collector may try to claim, you can be sued for a judgment. However, you may also be eligible to take steps to protect some or all of your income and assets.
  • Are you facing foreclosure or repossession of your property, and risk losing your property in bankruptcy?
    There is still hope. Talk to a seasoned bankruptcy attorney who can help you protect your income, property, and financial future.

Real Results for
Real People

Fast And Effective
Filing Process

  • We will establish your best debt relief solution.
    We will determine what type of bankruptcy you are eligible to file under and provide a list of information and documents you will need to gather to begin your journey towards debt-relief.
  • We will bring ease and clarity to the filing process.
    During our first in-person meeting, we will answer any of your questions, review the information you have provided, prepare your bankruptcy petition, and finalize all documentation and signatures.
  • We will ensure an experienced attorney completes your filing.
    Our leading bankruptcy attorney will file your claim electronically so there is no wait to file. We will also promptly notify you and any of your creditors once this is complete.
  • We will deliver real results.
    Our attorney will accompany you to your court hearing, finalize any follow-up hearings or documents the court may require, and keep you informed until the entire process is complete and you are debt-free.